Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pure Ice Polishes

So I recently came across Pure Ice Polish in my local WalMart. I've heard people on YouTube talk about it and how good it was and how affordable.  It was selling for 1.97 a bottle at my WalMart so I picked up 3 bottles. A periwinkle type color or blueish purple whatever you want to call it with a cream finish as seen in the picture called Jailbate then the sparkle color with teal silver and purple glitter called Over You. The other color I picked up was like a teal, metallic finish color called Get in Line. Jailbate covered to an opaque finish in two even coats dry time wasn't too bad either. It left a shiny finish even without a top coat and was just a pleasure to work with. Over Yoi was used as a glitter top coat and it dried fast wasn't goopy and was good to work with. The dud in the lot was Get in Line it wet on thin so I needed many coats and it took forever to dry. The polish ended up getting ruined because it bubbled and wouldn't dry right so I took it off. I don't think I will repurchase a metallic finish polish from this line again but will definitely buy more cream and glitters.

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