Monday, April 18, 2011

OPI Katy Perry Not Like the Movies Dupe

So I really love the color Not Like the Movies from the Katy Perry Collections and when I was at Wal-Mart the other day and noticed the new wet and wild collection there I was happy.

I only have the mini collection for the Katy Perry polishes and I was definately going to repurchase the large size of that color because I love it. However, we all know that OPI is kind of pricy not that I mind paying that for a good polish but the wet and wild was only 2.94 so I figured why pay 10 when I could get pretty much the same color at a third of the cost.

So the Not Like the Movies is the one on the left and the Wet and Wild Grey's Anatomy is on the right. This are pretty close. The OPi is three coats the wet and wild is 2. The OPI has some shimmers in it. But really I can go without the shimmer for the lower cost :)

Nail Polish Haul

So I got some nail polishes from wet and wild and this is what it looks like. Very impressed with the colors they are so pretty.

So colors from left to right are Party of Five Glitter, Greys Anatomy, and 9021 0range

Lip Gloss Swatches

I picked up some lip glosses just a lil lipsmackers one some covergirl and some wet n wild which I've never tried before. So far I am really impressed with the pigmentation on them, well the lipsmackers is clear.

The wet n wild is very pigmented and not too sticky and the cover girl is the same. I may do a full review on my channel so look out for that.

The colors in the swatches from left to right are Wet n Wild Berry Burst, Wet n Wild Sinless, Wet n Wild Rose Gold and Covergirl Grape Splash.

I hope you found this helpful :)