Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Free movie night treat

If you're looking for a new treat try this popcorn it's the perfect mix of sweet and salty yum. I I received it for free from influenster but all opinions are my own 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


I received these products complimentary for review purposes from Influenster Canada.   I just got the box yesterday in the mail but it was perfect timing I had just gotten out of the shower so what better time and opportunity to try out the products.   I used the mousse and blow dried my hair as usual and it really did give me instant volume.   I haven't had time to test the hairspray yet but I will update this post when I do.   But judging on the mousse I would say the hairspray will follow suit 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

180 Beauty is Timeless

I was sent the Pure Swiss Hyaluronic Serum + Vitaman C for testing purposes and I love it. Just a few drops on my clean face before I moisturize at night. It leaves my skin so soft and all I want to do is touch it. I dare you to try #HyaluronicAcidSerumby180Cosmetics I guarantee you will love it.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream


I received a Laneige voxbox from @influenster complimentary for testing purposes. Inside was the Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream. 

Let's get started first the packaging, I guess it's really not that important in terms of everything else but I am a girl that is a sucker for packaging and I think it's cute and functional. It's in an easy to open jar that has a good size opening at the top to access the product. It also comes with a little spatula type device to scoop product out of need be. This came in handy to pull the product off the freshness seal and put it back in the jar. 

So for price point. I researched on and in Canadian the product comes on at aroun 42 dollars. The rest of the line of products seems to rang from 30 to upwards of 60 dollar price range. For a good skin care line I think this is average pricing so if the products hold up to my standards I would not mind paying those prices. 

Now let's get into the product itself. The product does have a fragrance. It is pleasing and not over powering to me although some may find it unappealing. The consistency is cool to the touch and as the name suggests gel like. When I apply it it melts into my skin fast and easy. As to how it performs and if it lives up to any claims that are made on it. I have only been using it a few days so far so I cannot decide that quickly. However, it does claim to absorb into the skin and provide moisture for up to 24 hours. I put it on at night and my skin still feels soft and moisturizers the next morning but not in a greasy gross way. 

I will update as to my findings as I uncover them on this product 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Too Faced Sugar Pop Palette

I recently purchased the Yoo Faced Sugar Pop Palette. I was thinking it was a nice fun palette for summer and was I right. Many people are saying it's not really a stand alone palette but I don't really see that unless you are really afraid of color. It doesn't offer a lot as far as matte crease colors go other then a darker purple/plum which can serve as a neutral. If you want something fun for summer this is a great palette. It has many pops of vibrant Colors but the top row can be used for a pretty wearable every day look   

I have taken the time to search all the Colors and I have had time to play with them. I think there are some great combos you can put together for some great looks. 

I have already came up with one fun look with this palette the shadows are pigmented and apply and blend really well. Do take the time to tap excess off your brush as there can be some fall out. But if you are looking for a fun palette to add to your collection for summer definitely check out this palette 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Influenster Voxbox L'oreal Paris Fibralogy

Ok let's just start by saying how cute is this packaging?  I am a sucker for packaging and presentation. The main thing however is the product. Let's start with the scent this product smells amazing it reminds me of something they would use in a slalon. Now for the consistency, this shampoo and conditioner is a bit thicker then most I have used and I really like that you don't need much to work up a good lather and clean your hair and condition it. The serum actually has a thinner type consistency and it does say to use a dime amount but since I have longer hair I need more then that.  

Now let's talk about the claims. This product claims to thicken your hair from within. It says you will notice a difference after 5 uses. So how did it stack up?  I've used the product 5 times now and I do notice a difference. I am a YouTuber and I looked back on videos of freshly washed hair a week ago as compared to freshly washed hair now and I can notice a difference in the value of my hair. It isn't as flat to my scalp and it appears as though each individual strand of hair seems to be plumper. So I am definitely behind this product and I will be repurchasing. 

I want to thank @influenster and @lorealparisCAN for allowing me to try this product because #fibralogywotks #contest 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Influenster a Daily Staple

I learned about Influenster back in 2011 from some of my favorite Youtubers. Even though VoxBoxes were simply for United States residents at the time, the concept intrigued me. So in December of 2011 I signed up on the Influenster website. I followed posts from other users and I looked to Influesnter for reviews on some products i was interested in purchasing. Thanks to Influenster I purchased and passed on some of these items. 

Finally, in December 2013 I was selected to receive Canada's first VoxBox The Maple VoxBox and I was both excited and honoured with being chosen. I received my VoxBox and quickly started using the products  I introduced them to my subscribers on YouTube and continued to use the products and write and read reviews on them. I was selected for several other VoxBoxes after this and received rewards for being and active member and top badge holder. 

I continue to promote Influesnter to this day on my YouTube channel and just telling friends and family. I am happy that since word is spreading Influenster is expanding. Hashtags like #influesnter are becoming more popular along with those of #voxbox and now with the creation of the Influenster app we have #influensterapp. 

Let's talk about the Influesnter App we now have quick and easy access to Influenster and all of its wonderful perks at the touch of our fingers on most mobile devices. The best part of this app, in my opinion, is the ability to scan barcodes on products you are considering purchasing and having reviews pop up for you. This is an amazing tool for any shopper and I've used it many times. 

It's fair to say that because of social media and the new popularity of Influenster it's becoming a daily staple for me. As I check normally my social media feeds such as Twitter, Facebbok and Instagram, Influenster is fast becoming popular among these daily check in sites. I sometimes even find myself checking in multiple times a day because of the convenience of having it right on my iPhone. 

Influenster has been a big part of my life over the past few years and with all the way it's been expanding and growing I cannot wait to see what great things are in store from Influenster 💜. 

Definitely check them out you won't be sorry