Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I was super excited when I went to Wal-Mart last week and found that Playboy released fragrences for women. I had bought my husband a gift set of the men's two years ago for Christmas and was tempted to wear the Hollywood myself because I love the smell of it...hehehe. Even though it is men's. I wished they would come out with ones for the ladies as well.

They had put out all three of them "Play it Lovely", "Play it Sexy" and "Play it Spicy" the previous day and the "Play it Lovely" was sold out already so I could purchase that one. The "Play it Lovely" was my husbands faveorite. Initianally it was mine too. So I settled on the "Play it Sexy" and went home.

A few days later I went back out and there was only three bottles left. One of the "Play it Sexy" and two "Play it Spicy" so I thought you know what I'm going to get the "Play it Spicy" because if I leave without it and decid I want it I'll come back and it will be gone. So the stuff is flying off the shelf like hotcakes here.

I actually think the "Play it Spicy" is my favorite it just has and edgy, appealing smell. It reminds me of something that I like and I can't put my fingure on it. They also come packaged like the picture above in gift sets which is similar to the one I got my Hubby :)

So check them out if you have the chance. They have three different scents a little something for everyone's taste I think. For notes and descriptions of each scent please read previous posts :)

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